Our training policy

Target group

  1. The primary target groups for the CPD training provided by RMA Training Pty Ltd are registered migration agents and Australian legal practitioners.
  2. Other individuals may also attend CPD training activities and are not subject to the attendance requirements outlined below.

Attendance and completion

  1. In accordance with requirements by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) for face-to-face delivered CPD activities, individual attendees must be physically present for 75% of the length of the CPD activity.
  2. The total absence time must not exceed 25% of the total time of the CPD activity.
  3. Wherever the total absence exceeds 25% of the total duration of the CPD activity, the attendee will not be eligible for the CPD activity points.
  4. If the attendee must leave the room, the duration of the attendee’s absence will be monitored by a staff member and the attendee will be reminded of clause 3 above and the risks of non-compliance with the MARA requirements. 
  5. Activity breaks, introductions and administrative tasks and any absences which require the attendee to leave the room (such as attending to telephone calls) are not counted towards the 75% mandatory attendance of the CPD activity. 
  6. CPD activities may include group tasks which must be attended and completed by all attendees as part of their 75% mandatory attendance.
  7. Private study activities include a test which must be passed (75%) before points can be recorded for RMAs.

Notifying MARA

  1. The Office of the MARA will be notified electronically of attendees who successfully complete the CPD activity within a maximum of 14 days of the activity being completed.
  2. RMA Training will keep records of each attendee who does not complete the activity and details of non-completion.
  3. Each attendee will be required to confirm their attendance. 
  4. A Statement of Completion will be given on request to an individual attendee who meets the attendance policy requirements.

Cancellation of the CPD Activity

  1. A CPD activity may be cancelled at the discretion of RMA Training for any just reason.

Fees and Refunds

  1. Fees are payable per CPD activity. Care will be taken to ensure that excessive fees are not applicable. 
  2. Where an applicant cancels his or her attendance within 24 hours of the start of the activity, fees paid will not be refunded. Fees paid may however be transferred to another activity at the discretion of RMA Training. 
  3. A cancellation fee of 25% of the total fee paid may be charged if the applicant cancels his or her attendance more than 24 hours and within 3 working days of the start of the activity. 
  4. A cancellation fee of 10% of the total activity fee may be charged if the applicant cancels his or her attendance more than 3 working days of the start of the activity. 
  5. Fees paid in advance are to be refunded in total if RMA Training Pty Ltd cancels the activity. 
  6. Where an attendee must leave the training early due to exceptional circumstances, he or she may apply for a refund for the CPD activities not completed.