Online CPD modules

RMA Training offers a number of online private study modules that come within the definition of Category B activities for registered migration agents. Providing an agent has completed 5 points in Category A activities (workshops or an applicable program of eduction), the remaining 5 points may be completed in either Category A or Category B. At least one point of either Category must be a mandatory activity (covering ethics or the Code of Conduct).

If you have already registered with us and logged in, you can download the materials for the subject you have chosen. Once you have studied the materials, you can return to this page and take the test. You will be presented with 12 questions about the subject. To pass and earn the CPD points you will need to score 75% (9/12). You can take the test as many times as you like, although the questions will vary each time.

When you have successfully completed the test you will be asked to pay our fee ($44.00 per point, GST included) and we will then notify MARA to record your CPD points.

(Note for lawyers: these modules do not contain an audio/visual component and therefore do not comply with Rule 8 of the Uniform Rules 2015)

MARA No.PointsMandatoryTitleDescriptionMaterialsTest
DN216 1 No Accounts Management Fees, estimates, agreements, invoices, statements of services, accounting for clients' money, GST. Download file Take the test
DN217 1 No Disciplining Migration Agents The law governing the powers of the Migration Agents Registration Authority to take disciplinary action against Registered Migration Agents. Download file Take the test
DN218 2 No Visa Cancellation Powers and Procedures The law governing visa cancellation in general, notification procedures, and the consequential effects of cancellation on other visas, including visas held by other people. Download file Take the test
DN219 2 No Merits Review in the Migration and Refugee Division The law and policy governing merits review of decisions in the Migration and Refugee Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal under Parts 5 and 7. Does not cover review in the Immigration Assessment Authority or the General Division of the Tribunal. Download file Take the test